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—Reality television concept



Celebrating in our Olympic Village design studio with the Bard family after relaunching the Bard on the Beach brand. I lament the absence of widespread exposure for design and creative professions. So much love for the Starchitect. The chef as rock star. HGTV’s newest saviour of the tired interior.

Yet my mother still wonders what I do.

Why are graphic designers, a force behind so many beloved brands, invisible?

Claire Sakaki, Bard on the Beach’s Executive Director, pitches her television producer husband, Jason Keel, on an idea. We scheme and director Jovan Harmuth wants in. The cast will include reluctant designers Andrew Schick, Sherry Jang, and Rosie Gopaul. We film a 26-minute pilot and shop it to big-name producers. It’s optioned by GPM and pitched to the major networks.

The pitch:

They are unforgettable images. But the designers behind the brands we all know create in a world never revealed—until now. LOGO lifts the curtain on what inspires and drives internationally renowned Carter Hales Design Lab to pursue design perfection. The pressure to impress couldn’t be more intense when the world is watching. As Sean Carter says, “Great design elevates brands, and poor design impairs them. So, we design as if everything depends on it—we design for greatness.”

Who wouldn’t binge this?

Oh, you haven’t seen it?

Sean David Carter